Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Summer's End Show, Featuring the music of Drew McIvor!

This show contains a few Riding With the Stars segments, including one with Rose Cousins!  Also, one of my heroes, Laurie Brown.

I decided to rebroadcast this one, featuring my Summerfolk show, in the hopes that Drew McIvor can also start to earn bigger SOCAN Royalty cheques...  I'm a fan of him as a person, AND as a gifted musician!

I'll get back to you with exact details of the playlist, I promise!

part two:

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Unforgettable Symposium and Horse Welfare Day

We covered a lot of ground in our short hour!  Give a listen here:

In the hoofbeats radio studio today, we have Dr. Katrina Merkies, Associate Professor & PhD, Faculty Advisor of BBRM Equine Management Depart of Animal BioSciences. We'll talk a bit about the Annual Equine Symposium, and how it has been building momentum, and making such an impact. We also hear a bit about the BBRM Equine Management program.  We also discuss horse welfare assessment tools, because we agree about "a responsibility to advance and promote ethical and sustainable approaches to equine welfare through equitation, management, and behaviour."

Her research always revolves around horses - behaviour, welfare, equitation and management. Equitation in the broad sense refers to close interactions between horses and humans. Research outputs vary from decoding horse-human interaction, to the use of whips in horse racing, effects of various equipment used to ride and train horses, behavioural measures of stress, and human recognition of horse vocalizations.

Katrina Merkies 

Katrina Merkies

Why Guelph…
This is the only lab in Canada specializing exclusively in equine behaviour and welfare.

If you have a website or a research page please give us the URL:

Saturday, July 28, 2018

What's on this Summer, Folks? hoofbeats at Hospice!

happy hoofbeats everybody!  Today in the studio we welcome Rachel Hobson, who is the Integrated Wellness Coordinator, at Hospice Wellington -- for another interview in the series "Conversations Worth Having."   I invited her in, to share information about some of the wonderful FREE services available to caregivers in Guelph.  I had no idea!

We're also playing some music from artists that will be playing this year at Summerfolk Festival, which is coming up in Owen Sound in mid August.

In this epidsode, I also address the confusing relationship between Conversations Worth Having and hoofbeats radio, and podcast!

CWH is my community, radio, project, where I try and bring important subjects to radio, in the hopes of prompting useful discussions in families and communities.  It started as a way for me to share research I was doing related to what was going on my parents, within health care system crisis. I've aired discussions about long term care, death, assisted death, funerals, organ donation, blood donation, estate planning, medical rights, poa, advance care planning, and much much more.  I have found, sometimes, that these themes effect me, personally, with deep emotion, and thus, I can sometimes find the work daunting.  Plus, a weekly deadline is relentless!  It comes around every week!  To hear just the Hospice content, you can check it out here, at blogguelph.

Meanwhile, just because its my true nature, horse talk emerges in everything I do.  So, usually about once a month, horse guests override, and I create some entertaining, equestrian education on CFRU, instead of working on aging and death or general wellness themes.  And, sometimes, there's even a small segment of horse talk within the shows produced for those other series and themes!  Like right now! I admit hoofbeats can get a little out of control...

Isn't it awesome that hospice has some horse history?

This radio show also featured recordings of two Riding With The Stars invitations:

HAY, Rose Cousins,  I have been a fan for a long time and in fact have a pin that celebrates your first album "If You Were For Me..." that I am pretty sure I bought when I met you at a Folkway Music concert years and years ago.  Is that possible?  I love the artwork, a horse silhouette, with a western saddle -- and instead of a carrot on a string rigged to motivate its forward movement, its a little heart on the wire.... I love it!  So, I am really hoping we can spend a few minutes at Summerfolk so I can ask you if you have any experience at all with horses!  For now all I can do is play some of your music on 93.3fm in Guelph...   we're loving the tracks of Natural Conclusion.

Natural Conclusion is an album Cousins calls “the most honest and vulnerable thing” she has made to date, and added “Ultimately, a life consists of many relationships, some chosen and some assigned, each playing different roles on a subjective, expansive spectrum of success and failure. We choose, we are chosen, we are left, we leave, we stay anyway, we grieve, judge and empathize, relinquish, atone alone, keep and let go. Each relationship will come to its Natural Conclusion.” 

Do you know that Escarpment Blues is a concert and documentary film starring singer-songwriter Sarah Harmer? It followed her tour across southern Ontario to promote Protecting Escarpment Rural Land (PERL), a conservation group she cofounded. To battle a proposed quarry on the Escarpment. She toured communities near the escarpment, both performing, and speaking about the PERL campaign. The film documents both her live performances and her activist work...

 I could swear there is footage of Sarah riding a horse in that documentary. The day I watched it, which was years after its release in 2006, felt like I recognized a scene from an experience I had that very day at Rawhide Adventures at Peace Valley Ranch, a working cattle ranch located north towards Orangeville in the high hills of Mulmur township. So, I will be putting in a media request at Summerfolkfestival to ask Sarah if she has ever had any experience at all with horses!

Monday, July 23, 2018

The Power of the Sea for Equine Athletes

Kate and Barb joined us in the studio today to discuss their naturally sourced, lab certified, restorative and therapeutic products, designed to optimize performance and recovery of equine athletes.

Who knew seaweeds, clays and muds could be so easily discussed?!

You can check it out here, and also enjoy some great tunes from US Girls in case their set at Hillside left you wanting to hear more.

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Celebrating Horses! Canada Day with Tannis Slimmon

What a treat to spend an hour on the radio, at U of G, with this lovely person and wonderful artist!

Tannis Slimmon delighted us with lots of horse related show and tell, and we played some great local music, including at least a bit of hers too. Give a listen here:
And, tune in next week at 10am too, to hear her first appearance on hoofbeats from Aug 2011!  We will be rebroadcasting that visit, which includes music played live to air with her partner Lewis Melville.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Equine Industry Symposium -- Revisited, and Foreshadowed! with Julia Alebrand

In this edition of hoofbeats we are in conversation with Julia Alebrand, BBRM student and summer intern at Schleese Saddlery.  She is also on the organizing committee of a past and an upcoming Equine Industry Symposium.  Had you already read the summary posted on U of G's website?

"The Equine Industry Symposium was held on February 10, 2018 with the theme of “Youth Engagement – recruitment, engagement, succession.” The Symposium was open to anyone involved in the equine industry, and featured seven speakers in the morning presenting on various aspects of youth engagement, followed by round table discussions in the afternoon where participants could work together to develop actionable items to address the topic of youth engagement. When reviewing the round table summaries, common issues and concerns become apparent. As long as there are horses, those with a particular affinity for the animal can sustain this with a recreational engagement. To go beyond this requires a much deeper immersion, a realization that might be the most notable outcome of this year's symposium. The issues are not confined to any one of the themes, and all have a bearing on the issue of recruiting and retaining young people. Their consistency speaks to need for the industry to have a clear sense of direction, organization, unity, and vision to provide young people a sense of security, continuity, future options and confidence that they are making a viable career choice. Youth also need a sense of belonging." (written by: Dr. Physick-Sheard and Dr. Merkies)

What is Next?
The organizing committee is preparing for the next Equine Industry Symposium in October, 2018 (date to be announced). We hope to meet even more passionate and committed horse lovers at this conference, as we discuss the theme of 'Professionalism in the Equine Industry'.
Follow the Equine Industry Symposium page on Facebook to stay up to date on news and events!

We also mentioned the exciting news from Ontario Equestrian, about "Rookie Rider" which allows children to learn the fundamentals of riding by testing their physical literacy skills on a barrel, prior to ever mounting a horse. We hope that you expect to find it as part of KidsZone, which provide children with a place to play and learn, and it will also provide a place for parents to observe a horse show and ask any questions they may have. KidsZone will provide the public with a gateway to understanding the equine industry.

Designed to provide a space for the public to learn about Equestrian Sport, the KidsZone is free to everyone. Caledon Equestrian Park has free parking, free admission, and the opportunity to understand what it means to be an equestrian.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Horse Day 2018 Awards Show!

youth reporter in action elsewhere!

Parkwoods Stables, Rockwood, ranked #1 in the 2017 hoofbeats Mystery Shop!

Here's a link to the video we made.

In this show, hoofbeats makes the important announcement about the best final score of our “mystery shop” visits/tours, of the past season.

Parkwood Stable is a private equestrian facility, an hour West of Toronto, that is dedicated to raising Hanoverian and Warmblood horses. They offer first class boarding, training and coaching, in well maintained, well designed stables, areas, rings and fields. Owned and operated by the Parkinson family, on a picturesque 100 acre farm. The stallion Fabregas is handled with expertise, and offers a successful breeding program. There are also young horses, brood mares and riding horses for sale. “Parkwoods hosts events that welcome the general public, and you should consider attending one!” said hoofbeats producer, Kim Logue.

You can get involved with our all interest, all access, all age horse show!  We launched this new Education and Information Program, especially to invite more youth participants... For the Mystery shops, a detailed, custom “walk-about-worksheet,” is used — that incorporates the requirements and recommendations of The National Farm Animal Care Council’s Equine Code, standards of the federal and provincial sport offices (Equestrian Canada and Ontario Equestrian), as well as CANTRA, Canadian Pony Club, OMFRA, and Equine Guelph; Hoofbeats producers keep an eye open, as well, to the usual law and insurance aspects of each unique facility, in collecting the research, and in calculating the results. In the past 12 months, hoofbeats has investigated aproximately 50 horse facilities in Southern Ontario, and also broadcast many of the interviews.

Thursday, June 07, 2018

If You Jump - A Shout out for Adee's New Single

Tune in to cfru.ca or 93.3fm this Sunday June 10, between 10-11am, to hear our conversation with a lovely musical recording artist and horsewoman from Sweden!

Adée is a Swedish artist and producer that stands with her feet steady on the ground, mixing soul with hip-hop in a modern and creative way.

Her unique voice shines through in all her creations, leaving an unforgettable imprint on listeners. hoofbeats spoke to this talented woman recently, on the telephone and via messenger, briefly at least -- and yes! because her mother has a lot of students who ride icelandic horses so she has met and ridden a few. "They are wonderful horses" she said, off air. In pre-release of the song June 8 she is colllecting shoutouts (greeting videos) and asked we would like to do one together with some cute horse! Coming up next is a bit about her background and current involvement with horses in two parts. You will also hear the new single, "If you Jump!" -- Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

hoofbeats 2018 Hero of The Horse -- Ann Caine

this is our nomination - as submitted for the Horse Canada Contest!

She is truly devoted to the welfare of each and every individual animal in the Sunrise program, even when they retire.  With the knowledge and strong education, background and network to ensure it!!!  Meanwhile, the Sunrise program is one that continues to promote involvement with horses, making it sustainable and accessible to the general public - while adhering to all proper accreditation standards to ensure the horse industry's healthy survival... Does this woman sleep? We ask each other behind her back.  She has been, and continues to be so passionate, and so successful and so hardworking in support of Sunrise Therapeutic Learning and Riding Centre. Fundraising, networking, promoting awareness, recruiting instructors, truly connecting with participants and staff.  Even mentoring "outsiders" like hoofbeats radio, helping us in our quest to review and educate equine therapy facilities as they pop up in the new equestrian landscape.  What an amazing legacy.

She single handedly seems to drive, even though RETIRED, an amazing gem of a facility that continues to develop the full potential of children and adults with disabilities and lead them closer to independence through a therapy, recreation, horse riding, life skills and farm related activity program.

Have you sent in your nomination to Horse Canada yet? The deadline is July 15!

hoofbeats HORSE OF THE WEEK - Fergus!

Mother/Daughter Horse Riding Lessons? with Dana Sipos

On Mother's Day, we were in conversation with musical recording artist Dana Sipos, who revealed a bit of equestrian background. That night at her concert, we admired chaps and breeches from her youth and had a great time trying them on, along with all her other fabulous (actual) merch items!

Is her next tour by canoe or horseback? You'll want to check out this "Riding With The Stars" show.  A podcast will follow, with this compelling singer of evocative melodies, in gentle intriguing soundscapes, and irresistibly unique song structures..... But, it's a pleasure to post this hour long edition, as it appeared on radio (rather than on the podcast), because I just adore her music. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Fan Mail and Foreshadowing

 Welcome to a hoofbeats episode where we are both foreshadowing the future, and doing some reminiscing!  We tell you about some upcoming Icelandic-centric events and air 20 minutes of unedited raw audio, recorded for the podcast, with Brandon Hall of Ontario Equestrian.

We also share some Fan Mail regarding our Polo Part 2 show: "I'm in India and just listened to it with my parents. We all found it very interesting. Thank you for the excellent interview."  And, some fan Mail regarding a recent visit with Innes Wilson, who is top of the CFRU Folk charts right now!
 "The podcast is accessible to all, even those of us like me who really don’t know horses all that well. I love that tag line about the horses speaking and we need to listen to them. From a radio show perspective, it’s always interesting to me to listen to how other hosts do their shows. I loved your music choices; we too play from CDs and also from our phones—our Media Touch system is completely inaccessible to blind people, so our work around is to plug in our ‘talking’ devices and play from there—when the voice comes on, we refer to her as our ‘third host’ and our audience loves it.  I had to laugh when you said about talking ‘6 miles from the mic.’ We were taught to ‘tether’ our noses to the mic and talk below it.

We also tell you a bit about next week, because we reached out for participation in a "pony club" show for hoofbeats to Pony Club USA and Pony Club UK. Mostly because Pony Club in Canada is not nearly as successful as it is in other places. And actually engagement of youth in horse activities over all is in disastrous decline, in this country. How are things around the world?

It was amazing how both organizations participated and responded in support of hoofbeats instantly!

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Horselife - One Working Student Perspective

In this radio show episode, we hear from a 17yr old rider and working student at two esteemed horse facilities... from learning styles to conducive work environments and overcoming challenges, her perspective is worth a listen.

Carly stayed after to pitch in as a volunteer for hoofbeats!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

"Riding With The Stars" and A Pure Guelphishness Playlist with Innes Wilson

We played local music and fit in a bit of horse talk!  He tells us about 32 horses and one pony stallion he has spent time with.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Joining Forces on Youth Engagement

Could a "Junior Horse Sport Association" rebrand for Canadian Pony Club, save the larger equine community too? On the latest hoofbeats episode we are in discussion with Sara Chauvin, about her provincials pitch, as well as the recent Equine Symposium.
Are you as horrified as we are to hear that our equine sector is already beginning to die-off, and could, in 15 -25 years, enter a catastrophic collapse? hoofbeats radio recently attended an event that was free to anyone involved in any equine sector to discuss the issue. It included a swag bag and entry into door prize draws with any donation!

It was a great idea to expand the breakout discussions to run the entire afternoon. But, the very structured instructions almost inhibited creative thinking and open discussion. Some of the themes that I noticed were accessibility, marketing, social initiatives, education, and a desire to spread awareness that “horses are for everyone!” As well as a focus to recruit the very young 5-10 and their parents, to promote a branded hashtag, and to have all disciplines filtered through OE and to ensure we invite more breeds and equine orgs in the dialogue.

I also compiled this list of “Actionable Items” from across the groups: 
- create new entertaining, educational incentives (need to be creative, fun and appealing for different ages)
- speakers, groundwork and conditioning classes for horse and rider
- field trips for classrooms, extra curricular activities through schools
- bring clinicians to small towns
- inter-family collaboration and carpooling
- volunteer programs
- creative, enjoyable on-line content
- affordable workshops and training programs, esp. community based lunch and learns
- rebrand pony club, introduce paid staff to structure, become more visible in the larger equine community
- bring back horse extension agents
- offering more barn tours
- an OE template to host events
- educate/accreditation re: equine therapy/corporate leadership programs using horses
- implement co-op and high school programs for the equine industries
- more promotion of the sports, health and mental wellness aspects

In terms of suggested small personal actions you can take, I would say the top idea was: personally invite people to experience equine exposure with you!

sidebar/photo caption

Other changes reflected that the original venue, the largest classroom at the OVC was too small for the expected turn out, and that the events were transferred to the larger Thornborough Building in the School of Engineering.

Monday, February 12, 2018

No Horse Talk, just Pure Guelphishness with Nick Zubeck

Nick said he doesn't know anything about horses, so we just played local music in an hour that flew by.

The SOCAN log sheet for this show took me way tooooooo long.  I hope in the end, it was correct!

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Mystery Tour Announcements

We are thrilled to announce our Audio Documentary project garnered support from Ed Video!  Ed Video’s Production Grant Program supports media art creators by granting no-cost access to equipment resources, especially for projects with a strong artistic component.  Because producer Kim Logue also accesses the Career and Skills Development Award with no-cost Workshop Access, we hope to start incorporating a film component! !!  We thought you might also want to know about this:

Sharing Equine Therapy, an article for the Rider

I bet everyone of us reading this magazine knows the profound benefits of being around horses. And we all know how horses mirror us, while having no judgement. We have all seen how horses can help us develop leadership skills or heal from stress, not to mention benefit physically from all the hard work! And then there is learning team work, responsibility and true partnership.

At a recent event in Guelph called “An Evening of Sharing - Equine Therapy” I heard that a growing number of Canadians are discovering the healing power of horses. In equine-assisted therapy and learning, horse and human are brought together to tackle a long list of issues, including mental heath. It reminds me of how doctors in Japan are prescribing “Forest Bathing,” for the benefits of nature.

However, I find it unsettling how many Life Coaches, Counsellors and Corporate Trainers are popping up everywhere, chasing their dreams and following the passion of their youth, which was being around horses. Because I am seeing facilities that are being run by great sales people, with barely adequate equine training or experience. How does one set about examining facilities EQUINE credentials?

EFW, EAGALA, CANTRA, OE, EC, UoG ~ BBRM, OVC, what’s your favourite acronym?

hoofbeats radio and podcast, produced in Guelph, is starting site inspections, to help ensure horse welfare and human safety with an eye to National standards, and perhaps International Standards too.

Imagine a world where youth reporters are empowered by hoofbeats to get out and ask questions, including about animal rights, while they visit horse facilities. They will observe and record as they work through our mystery tour checklist. And, records and recordings of their visits will be compiled by a qualified, longstanding rider/trainer, riding and horsemanship instructor.