Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Interview Tips and Example Questions

as a hoofbeats! reporter, you are encouraged to be in conversation with your guests - listening is the key and you are free to steer the questions to your personal interests and curiousity!

1) make the interview situation comfortable before you start (test equip)
2) make your approach polite and respectful
3) maintain eye contact, keep the mic close
4) don't be afraid of silences. watch your own uh-huhs. collect other sounds.
5) get the permission form signed and label/name the file

Example Questions - Choose and Few and go have recorded fun!

Tell us about your background with horses
Tell us about your current involvement with horses
Tell us in more detail about your sport
How were/are you trained/schooled in what you do?
Do you have a favourite training tool?

What organizations are you a member of (and why/what do you get out of it)?
Who are/have been your mentors?

Tell us about the facility. What kind of watering system do you use? Where do you get your hay? What is the manure management plan? What is your turn out procedure?

Where/when/why do you wear a helmet and what kind?

What kind/how old and how many horses are involved?

What are your goals?

What are the greatest challenges you face?

What do you see for the future of your equine industry/sport?

Can you tell us about a favourite Equine partner?

Scariest moment or Have you ever seen an accident that you learned a valuable lesson from?
Funniest moment

What do you think our horses want us to know?

What is the greatest reward?

How do you stay current in your sport/industry?

*more samples:
What are some upcoming events you’ll be participating in?
Last Vacation?
Last album or song you downloaded?
Last thing you bought for yourself?
Last thing you cooked?
Last book you read?
Last website you spent too much time on?

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