Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hoofbeats! Report Can Am Scavenger Hunt

What do the two gaits unique to the Paso Fino sound like? (this question/challenge is good for all breeds actually, especially gaited ones)

What did Walter Zettl like best about working with the Parelli’s in Texas?

What are the phases of a typical Combined Driving Event?

What sort of articles and content are 3 different magazines seeking?

Will the proposed Ontario Equine Centre bring new horsey jobs to the Guelph area? What sort? What skills will be needed? What value would an Equine Guelph Certificate or Diploma bring?

For what types of things does the Ontario Racing Commission suspend a person from racing? Why is the use of steroids considered “abuse?”

Has Kate Romanenko ever tried to rescue a horse?

What off-horse training exercises can riders incorporate into their activities?

What inspired the creation of Can Am all breeds expo? (who started it, when etc.)
How many breeds were represented at Can Am this year? (list them)

What does Souhaila Sarkis like about Hoofbeats! ?

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