Monday, March 17, 2008

Coverage & Feedback

Listener Comments

"I'd know that voice anywhere." Craig Andreas, Equine Canada

“I thought it was a great interview and I believe that your show is one of the best spoken word shows on CFRU. You have correspondents, varied and original content, an excellent radio voice and you mentioned other CFRU shows (including mine, thanks!). This is all great stuff. Well done!” – Scott, CFRU Programming Committee Member

"Some of my clients heard my interview. They were surprised to hear someone they know! They are fairly new horse people that first heard about the show from a friend, and tune in every week." -- Ron Chauvin, Circle 4 Horsemanship Centre

“I was listening. It was great!!” – Flanigan Farrier Services

“You have a very polished show.” – Ian, former CFRU Stn Mgr (?)

“I heard the interview and then I signed up for the logging workshop. Even though I am not really a horsey person -- I was that inspired. I love your show.” – Julia, CFRU listener

"I had tears in my eyes from that horse of the week story. You can bet the barn radio will be tuned in Sunday morning." -- Donna, Drummerhill Stable

"Wow what an interesting guest... Each week the show just gets better and better!" -- Heather

"I read people and you are no sidekick. You should have your own show." Samartha, Talk Therapy (long before hoofbeats! radio was hatched)

Guest Comments:

"She [Logue] gives a mean interview..." Jack DeWit (smiling), then-president of the OEF

Wish I could tune you in up here in no mans land, but I can prob just hear it after that broadcast on the web. Anyway just wanted to say a big thanks for having me out last week. I had more fun than I thought. It was great to meet you, and I love your enthusiastic personality. It is great to be around positive people, like you! Take care and keep up the good work!
Kate :)

I invited Kate to be on the show, after I heard she had appeared on CBC's Sounds Like Canada. A CFRUer told me to tell them I've got the horse talk covered ha ha

A Paso Fino association has promoted our show.

And, Standardbred Canada put a plug on their website for members.

Horse-Canada must care, because this is cool!

And so is the half page write up that I saw in the Ontario Farrier's Association newsletter -- that goes to 10,000 members and their households.

"One of our reporters has had friend's friends tell her she's a celebrity now, after having heard her on air, just because they're horse people that heard about the show from someone we don't know and now they tune in regularly... And, I still get a kick out of it when I meet someone at a party or something and they say I listen to that show!"  -- kl
Programming Committee's acceptance email Nov 24, 2007
I wanted to let you know that the Programming Committee has reviewed your show proposal and is pleased to offer you a timeslot on Sunday mornings from 9-10.

We thought that your proposal was well researched.  It also offers a completely new are of coverage to the station, and we're impressed by your plans for outreach...

The committee thought they demo was well done.

Thanks Kim, for all of your work.  I'm looking forward to hearing you on the airwaves.

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