Monday, January 12, 2009

2008 in Review

"It was great to be encouraged to enter the Radio Awards of Excellence Contest. And, I am very grateful for the CFRU board's support to attend the NCRA conference. We learned a great deal about making media over those valuable days spent at CJAM in Windsor, and I'm sure it improved the show. It certainly empowered me. I am grateful that community focused organizations like CFRU exist!" -- Kim Logue, hoofbeats! radio founder (photo Paul Coles, Nov '08)



- CFRU garnered the Echo Reader's Choice award for Radio for the very first time in 2008, despite new competition for the airwaves in the area!

- hoofbeats! radio expects to see an announcement from Equine Canada about Media of the Year in Feb '09

Other Stats and Facts:
Guest, listener comments
[ ] Request Contributor Surveys
[ ] Request feedback from Programming Committee, Staff, Board
[ ] Review a year's worth of log sheets?

Outreach & Marketing Recap:
# of signs distributed
# of emails sent - aprox 350 show announcements, and guest invitations
autosignature on other correspondence
# of interview sites and locations
# of contributors etc.
horseweek event exposure
hillside event exposure
# of prize winners
# of evaluations forms completed by contributors, staffers, board members etc.

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