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#71 06-19-2011 Combined Driving with Bill MacGillvary

2: 00 PSAs for show crossover (Poetry Spoken word, Big Brothers; - hopefully not the ckln one, but instead an especially great volunteer recruiting one i remember hearing recently etc.)
3:07 Farther Down The Line, Lyle Lovett from Anthology, Volume 1, Country, Lost Highway
4:14 Stolen Sentiments, Aimee Charbonneau, Self Titled, Folk, indie

 44 minutes of talk:
- STN ID, Show Welcome and Host Intro (hello this is ...... and you are listening to hoofbeats radio on 93.3 fm in Guelph, Guelph's campus and community station. This is our 3rd show in a row, as a fill-in Kid's Time.  Any age and all interest! We are an hour long weekly horse talk radio show, for closet enthusiast to full fledged professional, with photos on the blog and more in store. Do you want to volunteer?
jun 19 show description  =there is still audio to edit and for later in the show i hope to play some Bob Wiseman from the cfru library with no swears in it.  He has promised us theme music!  The father's day episode is dedicated, of course, to my dad, who was the country music fanatic that introduced me to the music of Lyle Lovett with the way he loved it, when She's No Lady She's My Wife was first getting Canadian radio airplay.
[ T]  also in this show i want to dedicate Aimee's own song to Aimee, and make-back-catalogue-copyright registration suggestions,and quote wendell ferguson who kissed my hand last year at hillside about songwriting copyright
- We have a HAYfield report to air from Alex Pangman about Irish Mossing.  And I thought we would play a track from the voice who does her bio-intro, Tom Parker - Lickin' Good Fried as well as more Bob Wiseman, who has promised one day to make us theme music.  As for our live studio guest, I am thrilled that we will welcome Bill MacGilvary to the studio.  When you put in a show proposal at CFRU, you're asked to give two examples of interview subjects you would like to have on your show, and why they would be significant in the context of your program. I put "Bill MacGilvary, Chef D'Equip of Canadian Driving Team - he supported our teams to best ever World Equestrian Games finish in the fall. What was that like? 
What are we doing for Normandy 2014?"

- more pre-recorded stuff Intro & Irish Mossing & horse crazy cowboy poem

Stn Id & Live Interview Talk

Bill MacGillvary was involved with the Combined Driving teams at the 2010 World Equestrian Games.  With WEG 2014 in Normandy not as far off as you'd think, we can't wait to learn more about this sport from such an expert!

“It has been a great experience. Both Canadian drivers tried very hard and ... our drivers will give it their best effort”
Wasn't that Canada's best ever showing?
Here's some info and more here   notes for live discussion:

describe the sport
how do you train the driving horses in their dressage?
engagement of the hindquarters, correctness in lateral bend.
what are the aids
handling techniques
working walk lengthened walk
what are the levels of the sport, prelim test 2, isn't it an olympic sport
why do people say driving is even riskier than riding
how can you avoid driver's lack of ability? careless, overconfident
inadequate training of the horse, horses's unsuitability to carriage, disturbance from outside causes, lack of plan for emergencies, horse balks going up hill
slippery surfaces,  hitching and unhitching, never canter or gallop in carriage, functions and parts of harnesses and carriages
[T] 4 My Uncle Used to Love Me But She Died, Lickin Good Fried, Say Uncle, label??
3:13 Mike Sharp, Freedom's a Gate, Afganistan On Guard for Thee Compiliation, DROG
[ T] EMB Tip of the Week from the Mystery Shops
Keep Rules Signs Up to Date (if there is a special place parents or visitors stand, include this.)
Also, Label Signs of Rooms in your barn (Tack Room, Feed Room, Lounge, Utility Room etc.) A Property Map could show that also.
[ T] Pony Daze "Broken Hearts and Honesty" blog post?
[T] Previews of Future Shows:
future shows: air hugh moreshead, peter and sarah at carsons with the nurse mare
[  ]  News volunteers suggestion?
[  ] Credits and shout outs

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