Friday, March 02, 2012

Top Tips from Top Drivers, Still Unsaid

Every two years there is a world championship in the sport, even though it is not an Olympic Sport.  There is a real challenge in the marketing of the sport to the general public, especially in North America.
In a way I would like to position Chester as the best trainer in the entire Gift of the Horse contest.  Some trainers, like Jane Savoie, provided DVDs and books instead of actual hands on horse time.
Others directed winners back to the website organizers, and the feedback from participants was disappointment in the lack of response.
Other Notes forThe Rider (published in Ontario), 
> give them (the horses) time to think
> only offer three things as criticism (when coaching humans), not six or sixty, three
> Chester is very smart as a sportsman
> sometimes a very difficult horse is worth it, because of his talent (jamaica)
"he doesn't even know how fast he is."
the importance of passion
the natural movement of the horses is what wins the dressage

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