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#104 12-23-2012 The Joy of Jumping

Welcome to the last new episode of hoofbeats for our 2012 season.  Over the next two weeks, we will be rebroadcasting our programs with the holiday flavour.

In today's show, we will meet Maddy and be in detailed discussion with another current U of G student who is also very active and avid in the equestrian community.  From growing up with horses in the backyard, to a long-standing show jumping career with the guidance of Mike Grinyer to a horse partner today at eventer Gary Roque's... we will hear all about another local equine enthusiat's unique experience.  We've asked her if she wanted to play us any musical tracks in particular.  Can't wait to hear back!

We'v heard from Rick Lamb at horse radio on the internet that he might use our interviews with Michele Mueler on his internet site.  We're also excited to hear that The Grand and Erin Radio are considering broadcasting half hour episodes of hoofbeats in 2013.  For future shows, We've also asked our hayfield reporter and volunteers at CivL radio in BC for contributions.  Cross your fingers for us!
It is also important to ask once more for pledges or dontations to CFRU on hoofbeats behalf, we have are still trying to raise about $65 to meet our fundraising goal.  Just send a note to or and we will get you details!

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Mike Grinyer.first started riding at the age of six in England and has turned those early lessons into a thriving business at his farm in Campbellville, Ontario. Mike made his mark in the Canadian Grand Prix ranks in 2003-6, with Alcatraz 1991 bay Holsteiner gelding, 16.3h.  As a member of the 2007 Canadian Team you can read stats like
1st $15,000 1.40m Akita Cup, Spruce Meadows Spring Welcome, Calgary, AB 

So, Maddy, can tell us more about the 1.4m class of show jumping?
Are you still keeping track of the biggest thing you've ever jumped?
Tell us more about your horse background:
How many horses have you ridden? 

 What are some of the key lessons you learned from Mike?

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Olympian Garry Roque, Bystorm Farm has been in business for 20+ years,producing competitive international/national riders and horses. Garry himself representing native country Bermuda at Pan Ams and World Championships, and Canada at 2004 Athens Olympics.

Please describe a typical week in your horse life?

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