Sunday, January 06, 2013

#10??? Love That Cowboy Poetry!


[ ] Welcome to episode #10? of hoofbeats, which will not just feature a former cohost, but also a blast from the past, when Kathy Fremes guested on our show, October 19, 2008.  She has since moved on from the role she filled then as Director of the OEF and Chair of the Horse Facilities Advisory Council.  We will also hear some new material from real life horseman and artist Mark Grice, who moved on from his role as controversial cowboy co-host.  He can now more often be found as Hosstyle Gallery at the Alton Mill or at Reid Farm & Equestrian Centre in Caledon.

[ ] 7:45-8:26 mention of Barbara Kingscott as conference keynote speaker and reference to Kimber Sider's upcoming effort "a woman who is going to try ... good luck to her!"
36:40-41:44 helmet stuff
48:48 more helmet stuff
55:30 "we're back at it" Mark Grice had to fill a few minutes ha, he talked about training safe horses didn't he? before the happy trails outro

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