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#112 03-17-2013 The Ballad of The Irish Horse - show plan/actual log sheet

Script =
Socan pre-prepared playlist
cross over from previous show programmer with 
9:00 [ ] PSAs 
9:03 [ ] Bry Webb, Rivers of Gold, (track 2 from CD)
9:07 [ ] :30 2007 show intro from Sound Cloud (background music = Guess I'm Gonna Be Lonely, Houseplants, composer Gord Shawcross
9:08 [ ] :30 show intro for 929 from Sound Cloud (background music = Keep Your Tail Up Horsey, Bob Wiseman)
9:09 [ ] 1:00 show extro for 929 from Sound Cloud (background music = Starfish, Ian Reid)
9:10 [ ] 3:30 One For Every Occasion, Tricia Brubacher, Crimson - from CD
9:14 [ ] 3:30 Gayle Ackroyd, Women Be Wise - from CD
9:18 [ ] 3:30 Bruce, Ian Reid, Lucky Devil - from CD
9:22 [ ] 4:13 Stolen Sentiments, Aimee Charbonneau, single, indie from USB stick
9:26 [ ] maybe time for one Joni Nerita tune?

9:30 [ ] :30 Kim and John CFRU intro, from CFRU computer (no background music)
9:31 [ ] 1:47 segment on Irish Mossing, from USB stick 
9:33 [ ] 1:00 trailer from internet link: Ballad of The Irish Horse 
9:34 [ ] read script: Over the centuries, horses have captured the hearts and minds of the Irish people. Nurtured by the mild Irish climate and rich grasses, the horses of Ireland have always flourished. From magnificant wild stallions to sturdy work ponies and the elegant racing thoroghbreds—Ireland's horses are an enduring part of the country's history, work, and play. The BALLAD OF THE IRISH HORSE is a romantic portrait of man and animal for viewers to treasure, it's a National Geographic documentary that I highly, highly recommend! A romantic and moving portrait of the Irish people, and their attachment to the horses on the Emerald Isle. The National Geographic Special takes a lavish, panoramic look at Irish horses and the people who ride them, train them, breed them, trade them, and -- most of all -- love them.  Have you seen the part where the woman rides the pony out of the front door of the house, ha.

The dog may be known as man's best friend, but for many, the horse is our true inspiration. Nowhere is this more true than Ireland, where horses can be found racing, working, and simply living as part of the wild landscape. Outstanding camera work and in-depth research create a lovely, enduring tribute to horses wild and tame and the Irish families that love and care for them. The Galway races, riding schools, fox hunts, pony club and more all fit together in a mosaic of useful beauty, the more beautiful for the interdependence, which ensures that, despite the technological advances of the 20th century, the Ballad of the Irish Horse will outlast us all.  I have always remembered the segment at the Irish Stud, where it was suggested some horses seem to LIKE music.  The research for the film alsodocumentary was done by Miriam Birch, with 7 print editions also published between 1985-1995 and held by 162 libraries worldwide. The Ballad of the Irish Horse is also an album released by the Irish musical group The Chieftains in 1986. The album serves as the soundtrack for the National Geographic documentary

Paddy Moloney of the band was commissioned to write the score of the National Geographic special on Irish horses, and began to jot down his inspiration for the score while on the US tour in 1984. There was 52 music sequences involved (Ballad of the Irish Horse: Main Theme, Horses of Ireland: Part 1, The Green Pastures (Jig) , Scéal na gCapall: The Story of the Horse , Horses of Ireland: Part 2).  To celebrate St. Paddy's day today, we're going to play some of those kinds of jigs and reels in the background and between conversation topics during an informal interview with an irishman i've known for a long time about some of his horsey memories.

thank and welcome guest/(s).
what's your involvement with horses?
what are some of your favourite memories?
9:38 [ ] 11:32 let's go to some memories from Hugh Moreshead, from USB stick
9:50 [ ] read Ontarion article if time allows
9:55 [ ] 4:47 show outro, from CFRU computer

Actual Log Sheet, Re: Socan Survey Sheet
- Isaac PSA
- Seems Like Old Times Show Promo
- Volunteering at CFRU CSA

902:33 Bry Webb, Rivers of Gold
(I actually love the lap steel.  Way to go Richard Burnett. Also, yummy Mike Brooks etc.)
9:08 Bry Webb, Zebra
13:42 Beckon, Beautiful life Album
18:33 list by John Granger, show host
Gayle Ackroyd, Hard Luck Town
(sounds so Pat Benetar its hilarious)
9:23 Beckon
28:20 Beckon (was this a repeat of the same song earlier in the show, All I need?)
931:30 show intro
Irish Mossing audio segment
933:43 John reading Ontarion Article
9:38 John reading a Toronto Sun Article

i burst into the studio and insisted we play the 12 min audio segment from our Irishman, as per script.
the end.

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