Saturday, January 16, 2016

hoofbeats radio is looking for volunteers!

Do you like to explore new worlds? Are you interested in being a journalist, poet and story teller? Join the hoofbeats! (radio+) herd.

We try and offer a license to ask questions, of the people you are curious about or keen to meet.

We've aired recordings that were sent to us off cell phones, computers, CFRU loaner recording devices or self-owned. What will you send us? 

You already know you can submit researched reports, original fiction and poetry to the show in mp3 format right? I've always thought that volunteering for hoofbeats is a great opportunity for anyone looking for horse time, as well as an outreach or creative outlet for horse lovers....

Did you hear this segment produced by a volunteer, a few years back, to encourage others to join the hoofbeats radio herd?   We would still welcome help to produce the show on air at cfru broadcast mornings, including program logs.  We also welcome help with audio editing, and with writing and recording promos, and more!

music programming helper

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