Saturday, July 29, 2017

Dancing Horse, Juggling Bear

This episode of Pony Daze is brought to you by Tapestry Equine Products.  The Tapestry Equine Comfort Girth I brought with me on a recent adventure in Iceland got such a good review, I wasn’t able to bring it back with me!  Usually with tack and used leather products in Iceland its the other way around.  You’re not allowed to bring them in!!!

Did you catch our new contact info?  I feel like running away with the circus, with my own little herd... On CFRU this morning we also played music from Odysseo, Melissa's review, and some snippets from my attendance, just some of my initial thoughts...  I also aired the Riding With Stars segment from last week's podcast, along with Lindy's music! And, I left the mic on when I played my friend Michael Martyn's tune... how'd you like that (another one about the clown). You can listen back here:

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