hoofbeats! is an all interest, all access, all age, equestrian podcast ~ for closet enthusiast to full fledged equine professional. Entertaining equestrian education — with a wide variety of topics across a vast number of equine activities, breeds, industries, hobbies, sports, countries, cultures and disciplines.

hoofbeats! continually introduces new perspectives, and voices, while learning from many, many experts. We also talk to celebrities in our “Riding With The Stars” segment, and our shows reach music fans!

By also livestreaming at and broadcasting at 93.3fm, as well as occasional syndication across the NCRA network, the hoofbeats podcast increases engagement of members of the non-horse community, and reaches the casual, backyard horse person who is not a member of a group or club - not just their neighbours!

Who else provides horse-enthusiasts, even those with little or different rural exposure, to an informative, auditory horse experience? hoofbeats episodes are co-hosted by a 12 yr old, and thereby engages a youth demographic as well. Horses talk? you should listen...

Founded in 2007, hoofbeats has interviewed World Champions, to first time riders, from across Canada and around the globe.
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