Sunday, May 28, 2017

Ep #209 Is hoofbeats radio out of control? Asking Terry?

My name is Kim Logue, the host of hoofbeats radio, and i need a coach or mentor...   my show has gotten out of control!!!

In this week's show I put out a formal "Riding With The Stars" plea to Terry O'Reilly.  Because, regularly on hoofbeats, we offer a segment where celebrities tell us anything they know about horses or any experience they have had with horses.  From pony rides in their childhood, trail rides or trips to the track...  We love these horse tales!  Surely such an amazing storyteller could come up with a little something I might be able to use for my show?  I would also like to thank him for the on-air answer to my past question.

Speaking of needing a mentor in radio, and in how to market myself, I wanted to mention how great the recent book signing event with Terry O'Reilly was.  I had hoped that it might be a cfru live to air, and when that didn't pan out you would think I would have recorded it for cfru or the bookshelf's podcast!   But alas and apologies I did not.

There was also, some actual horse talk!  Where I mention a multi-episode project that captures the landscape outside the city, while riding as fast as the terrain allows.  The horses of Iceland are uniquely protected and shaped by the vastness and nature of their geography.  We want to bring back to Canada an experience of their endurance, motivated performance and temperament... to share the experience of running with this special equine herd.

Support and contributions welcome!
Donors will be offered recognition in the credits.

As you may or may not know hoofbeats radio has been non-profit, volunteer driven for 10 entertaining and educational seasons.  I feel I have been extraordinarily supported by CFRU over that time, with an empowering environment, training and even financial assistance.  Now I want to evolve hoofbeats into a podcast.  Like a proper, actually functioning podcast!  I am also fundraising for a special documentary project "hoofbeats - Iceland by horse"

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working Preetam's
 CD table!

I also made a "PureGuelphishness" announcement... because ANOTHER thing I'm re-inventing, is a recurring music show where i invite a local musician to join me in at CFRU and either create a playlist of other local artists or perform their own tunes.  And I have to say, that if you think herding cats is hard, try rounding up our local musicians ha. (p.s. dear friends, please get back to me with your dates, or random live to air invites)... love to all etc.  I also put any "live-to-air" shows I host for CFRU offsite into this "series" if it includes musical performances.

You can hear lots of great music in this program, including, Patience, title track from Preetam Sengupta's new release, that I scored an advance copy of.

If you were tuned in last week, then you know that we broadcast the first half hour edition of a NEW project focused on health and wellness, especially nutrition - under the "Conversations Worth Having" umbrella.  If you are a follower of the blog, you may notice that I did not put the 'traditional' picture of the guest in the studio or any show notes... that's because I don't want to start yet another blog, but I don't think such posts belong on any of the blogs that are already underway.  In the second half hour of the "horse talk" radio time slot, I re-aired a "Conversations Worth Having" show from the series with perspectives on aging and death.  I love that one "Five Wishes" in particular because my parents participated...  By the way, I've been posting recaps and audio of that series on blogguelph.

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